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How do you clean a car without water?

Waterless cleaner does contain some water. The waterless (also called rinseless) cleaner that we use is a plant based solution that is mixed with water as a delivery agent and to provide lubrication. It’s called waterless because we don’t need to spray the car down before or after and there’s no water running off the surface of the vehicle. We use about 1 and a half ounces of cleaner added to water. We spray this on the car, then wipe it clean clean with a micro fiber towel. The cleaner breaks up the dirt, lifts the dirt off the surface and provides a slippery undercoating so the dirt doesn’t damage the top coat of your paint as it is lifted away. The micro fiber attracts the dirt particles off the surface and wipes up any remaining cleaner. Then we use the clean side of the cloth to buff the surface to make sure there are no streaks or missed bits.

Is waterless cleaning safe for my car?

Yes! Waterless car washing has been around for many years and has been used in many parts of the world where water is more scarce. It is completely safe process and will not cause scratching or swirl marks. We have cleaned thousands of cars from your daily driver to Maserati’s with no issues

Do the cleaner and microfiber cloth scratch my car?

No! All Keeners car washers are trained to ensure the safety of your car.  As the cleaner is applied, it immediately starts to break down the dirt and debris. We then use a clean folded microfiber towel to gently wipe of all the dirt and cleaner. Microfiber has a natural electrical charge that attracts the dirt up into the fibers, so we don’t have to use any pressure while wiping the car. For each panel of the car we use a clean section of the cloth to ensure that all the dirt is removed and none of the dirt from the previous sections returns to the car. This ensures the dirt is removed safely and all that is left is a shiny car without and scratches or swirl marks.

Does the waterless cleaner make my car nice and shiny?

Yes! Our waterless cleaner has a built in wax that is left behind after the dirt has been removed. Once buffed up it provides a nice shine to any vehicle. In addition, it provides a some protection from UV, water spot damage and air pollution. All of which can cause fading and pitting in the top coat of your vehicle. For those wanting a longer lasting, better protection, we can also provide a wax treatment once the car is cleaned.

What do you use to clean and sanitize the interior of my car?

Steam! In addition to a full range of professional interior automotive cleaners we use steam to disinfect, deodorize and sanitize the interior. We can clean any surface inside your car to remove stains and odors, leaving your interior sanitized and fresh. Traditional interior cleaning requires the use of a carpet extractor which can take hours to dry and promote mold growth if not properly used. Our cleaners and steam will make sure your interior is fresh and dry within minutes.

Will you remove and clean my child seat / booster seat?


If the car seat or booster seat is not attached to the vehicle, we will remove it from the vehicle, give the seat itself a vacuum and wipe down, clean under where it was sitting and put it back in the vehicle. Please note: we will not remove the the seat if it is still attached and we will not reinstall or reattach it at anytime to your vehicle.